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SEO Packages

  • Work Duration
    6 Months
  • Starting Price
    $ 200

SMO Packages

  • Work Duration
    3 Months
  • Starting Price
    $ 300

PPC Packages

  • Work Duration
    3 Months
  • Starting Price
    $ 300

Link Building

  • Work Duration
    4 Weeks
  • Starting Price
    $ 200

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Web Design Services

SEOCRAT is a web designing company in India that has been providing web design services for a wide range of clients from past six years. We can say that our designing team is one of the best in the biz. We consider your need and provide the best services in managing and designing content on your website.

Include the following website design services like:

  • Static Website Design
  • Dynamic Website Design
  • Flash Website Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Logo Design
  • Banner Design

Static Website Design

Static Website Design is a very beneficial for a small business owner that wants to have a simple website in which the content will not be frequently changed. Static web design services is very popular because the cost of website designing is very low and these kinds of pages are easier to build. Other benefits are:

  • Professional looking website
  • Can be very informative, as content is higher
  • Quicker & easily noticed by the search engines
  • Easy to optimize & less maintains cost
  • Easily compatible with all browsers
  • Increase in system flexibility using
  • Fast indexed comparatively dynamic websites

Dynamic Website Design

Dynamic Web Design is one of the brilliant concepts of world. Dynamic website is one that customizes itself frequently and automatically based on fixed criteria. We make such criteria that can make the website more attractive and increase the traffic on it. Other benefits are:

  • Easy to add new pages and manage contents, photos and videos anytime without the interaction of the web designer or developer.
  • Can save the site management time
  • Site administrator can send customized emails to visitors.
  • Complex tasks like quoting, estimating and presenting customized sales information can be done by dynamic website.
  • Create member only section and allow member to manage their own pages.
  • Ask for newsletter subscription.
  • Ask for new product notification.

Flash Website Design

Flash is an effective and strong technology that helps designer to create an impression on the visitorís minds. Flash is used to make websites more interactive and visitor friendly. Flash templates are completely customizable and ready for immediate download. SEOCRAT have a long professional experience in creating top quality products which vary from simple flash animation presentations, banners and intro pages to complete professional flash web page design.

  • Flash animation is easy to create and easy to view
  • Interactive movies, animation and menus are possible
  • Flash is independent of browsers and operating systems. It can be viewed correctly by anyone who has the Flash plug-in.
  • Animated banner advertisements in Flash have higher click-through rates than static gifs.
  • Flash is good for web site intros and adds zing to a site
  • Video works well in flash applications. It doesnít need a plug-in thatís dependent on a specific operating system like Media Player or QuickTime.

Landing Page Design

A landing page is a page, other than your index page, where visitors enter your website. Landing pages offers significant benefits. First, it provides a better user experience because the viewer goes directly to the information he/she is looking for, there's no need to navigate through your website to find that information. In addition, we can track the number of visitors who enter your website on a particular landing page and this measures the effectiveness of the external link--the banner ad, email message, or search engine link.

Three ways SEOCRAT is better in Logo Design

  • Our logo designs will not lose detail when you make them smaller.
  • Our logos look good in black and white (for faxes, copies, etc.) as well as color.
  • Our logo designs are distinct and memorable.

Banner Design

SEOCRAT is an experienced banner design company creates animated, flash and static banners following common internet advertising standards for sizes and dimensions according to your business needs.

We try to understand your business necessity first and prepare a banner design that is business centric, generating more traffic and ultimately reward you ahead of your expectation.